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    This cat is hitting .331-10-33 at Norwich.

    I've always been told Norwich is a VERY tough ballpark to hit HR's in.

    He's suddenly one of our top prospects who may be on his way to Eastern league MVP.

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    i don't know anything about this kid.. where can i get some info?

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    Also, what position does he play? Yesterday, for some inexplicable reason, I thought Coleman might not be a good enough bench player. I wonder why?
    "He knew, as he went after that ball, that he had a decision to make," said Tony Clark, who watched the play unfold from first base. "Either you let the ball drop and try to minimize the damage, or you make the catch and pay the consequences. He knew that, no doubt about it, and he chose B."

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    He is a corner outfielder

    I'll try and see if I can't find a bio.

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    Here is the Braunstein Bio

    Juan Rivera CF 7/03/78 R R 6'2 170 FA'96 NYY Caracas, VENEZ Led NYY MnLers w/81 RBI, openings eased him up a spot.

    I saw him play in Tampa, he's not really 6'2 and he's not a cf.

    BA has him rated as our 11th best prospect and Braunstein has him as our 5th.

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    Re: Here is the Braunstein Bio

    Originally posted by yogibuck
    I saw him play in Tampa, he's not really 6'2 and he's not a cf.
    thanks for the info.. if he's not a cf, what position does he play?

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    He is a corner outfielder.

    I would say a rightfielder most likely as they seem to like his arm.

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    Originally posted by KLJ
    i don't know anything about this kid.. where can i get some info?
    Here are some info from "BA 2001 Prospect Handbook":

    DOB: 7/3/78, Ht: 6-2, Wt:170, B/T: R/R
    Signed out of Venezuela by Yankees in '96.

    In '98: Led Gulf Coast League (Rookie ball) in homers and RBIs, and ranked as its #1 prospect.
    Hasn't excelled like that since and struggled last year after a late-season promotion to AA.

    Makes decent contact and has hit for gap power. Won't hit for a higher BA or tap into his raw power until he develops more patience at the plate.
    Running and Defense:
    An average runner with a plus arm, which makes him a legitimate RF.

    When Jackson Melian was traded to the Reds, Rivera became the Yankees' top upper-level OF prospect. Still at least two years away from NY.

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    Plus, he doesn't walk. And the last thing we need on this team is another player who thinks BB is a type of air rifle.

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    Saw him play RF during spring training against Boston on 3/18.

    He was 0 for 3 and guess what. He did draw a BB.

    His defense was impressive, especially, his arm. A lot of ooohhs, and aaahhhs after he fired the ball from the deep right-field corner to 3rd and yet another rifle throw home, later in the game.

    This caught the fans by surprise because he is/was consider a "nobody". People wanted to know who he was after his 1st throw.

    Last year in Tampa A ball he had 33 BB in 409 AB. So there is hope that he can train his eye to be more selective.

    He has a chance to be one of the Yankees top out-field prospects, since after this year RF might be up in the air.

    He's still young and probably wouldn't be the answer just yet.

    But he looks as promising as Donzell McDonald.

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