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    Re: NYYFans FB League - 2020 Playoffs - Week Last

    Is there anyway to get reinstated here? Iíve been on forms for people get banned from certain subjects like canít go to the politics board anymore. Am I to understand and overzealous MOD didnít like his political leanings?
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    Re: NYYFans FB League - 2020 Playoffs - Week Last

    There has been some conversation about Steve's RO and we felt like, given his stature here, we should offer the community an explanation. Steve was not RO’d for what he posted. He was suspended for those things. He was RO’d because he attempted to circumvent his suspension by starting a new account. This is an automatic RO. We have been extremely consistent on this over the last bunch of years. It would not have been fair to use a different set of rules for Steve than we have for others because of the length of his tenure. If any of you ever end up in a similar situation, please don’t put the mod and admin team in the position of having to RO you.

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