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    Re: NYYFans FB League - 2020 Playoffs - Week 1

    Seed 1 Wolvies vs Seed 4 Sons of Pitches

    The SOPs have a commanding 188.5-137 lead here. Wolvies still have a slight chance if their 4-1 PSR advantage can come thru.
    Urquidy's 29.5 leads the SOP.
    No Wolf with even 17 points, which kinda tells this story.

    Seed 2 Punks vs Seed 3 RoYanks

    This one can pretty much be called. The Punks seemingly have ended the RoYs season with a 200-110 lead. PSRs slightly favor the RoYs (3-2)

    Brady Singer is the star so far for Punky with 29 pts.
    No one seems to care on the RoY squad.

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    Re: NYYFans FB League - 2020 Playoffs - Week 1

    God damn Gary Sanchez. you waited until I got bounced before you decided to hit. Great job dillhole.

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