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    Yankees Universe Refunds

    Did anyone get a refund for YU? Or are we just extending to next season?

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    Re: Yankees Universe Refunds

    They have been very busy this season so have not had the time to consider many things so I doubt they know about Yankee Universe refunds. I asked about 2019 rain checks in June and was told they were waiting on clarity as to exactly how 2019 rain checks will be handled but we will make sure to take care of you. I like that phrase, "waiting on clarity" I will start using it when customers ask me a question to improve their customer experience.

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    Re: Yankees Universe Refunds

    They were not too busy to start collecting money for 2021 tickets. They are always too busy for refunds.

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    Re: Yankees Universe Refunds

    Info coming in the next month by email. They don't plan on refunding, they are just extending the membership to 2021. Not sure whether/not we will get any additional swag, I'm betting no.

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