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    Re: 2020 Regular Season Notes

    Quote Originally Posted by NelsonMuntz View Post
    It’s the same story every year with this team. Feast or famine lineup that can’t hit breaking balls, and a rotation with glaring holes.
    Absolutely. Its why I can never get excited about this team. I still see the same problems that cost us every year in October. Its a broken record or just watching the same movie over and over again that you know how it ends. All or nothing offense, a rotation that doesnt give consistent length and wears down the bullpen, and a manager with questionable pen management.

    Everyone goes nuts when we're piling up runs, hitting HR's against dreg teams like the O's and (this year) Boston. Thats all well and good. People can enjoy that if they want but beating bad teams into oblivion doesnt win championships. None of it matters because when we run into teams with good pitching whether its reg season or October, this lineup gets exposed EVERY SINGLE TIME. Good pitchers know how to expose a high strikeout lineup that is focused on trying to swing for the fences. People like to call me negative but its pretty hard to ignore reality.

    It was startling watching the Gio AB vs Anderson and the Sanchez one. Gio took some big swings early but what happened when he got to 1-2? He shortened up. Fouled off some good pitches, layed off junk out of the zone. Then you have clueless Gary up there who is trying to uppercut the ball, hit it 900 feet, and swings thru 3 fastballs right over the plate. I wish we had a few more guys like DJ and Gio who are more contact type hitters. If you look at teams that have won recently, they were more contact lineups. Sure they hit alot of HR's. HR's are great, not saying they arent. It becomes an issue though when you rely solely on them for your offense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hardrain View Post
    Tanaka for 5 was wonderful....wish he could go longer than 59 pitches.
    There was no reason not to give Tanaka another inning especially when the game was on the line. People would complain how the starters couldn't go distance. Boone may be the problem, not the starter.

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