This is a criticism-free thread for those of you who would like to express your appreciation for the success of the 2019 team. Although we would have all liked to see a championship this year, the team fought hard and making the final four is still a good accomplishment.

My personal recognitions:

DJ LeMahieu, who proved himself to be a pure hitter who could hit to all fields with power while playing solid defense at three infield positions. He was by far the best addition to the team this year.

Gleber Torres, who at the age of 22 broke out with big power and clutch hitting while playing good up the middle defense. Can't wait to see what he does over the next 10 years.

Brett Gardner, who held down center field while Hicks overcame his long-term injuries, providing power and team leadership. His durability and second half surge was surprising despite his age.

Gio Urshela, who was an emergency fill-in for Andujar and made one sparkling play after another at 3rd base while hitting over .300 all year with power. He's got the upper hand for 3rd base next season.

Mike Tauchman, who came out of nowhere and filled in while a slew of outfielders went on the IL, then had a tremendous second half both in the field and at the plate. He'll be playing in the majors for sure next season, maybe as our 4th outfielder.

Mike Ford, who got a shot late in the year and put up a .909 OPS in 160 PAs. He'll get a good look next year for sure.

Tommy Kahnle, who bounced back after a disappointing 2018 and posted a 1.06 WHIP in 61 relief innings with 27 holds.

Aaron Boone, who calmly dealt with record setting injuries to his team and guided them to an easy division title anyway, while elevating his own managing abilities from his freshman year.

Brian (a/k/a Brain) Cashman, who found all the spare parts that gave the team plenty of offensive depth to overcome the injury bug. Hopefully he gets the green light to bolster the starting pitching for next year.

It was a fun year for sure, and 2020 should be just as entertaining.