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    Team Hero: October 4, 2019 vs Twins

    Here's a custom that's fallen out of use ... How about a revival? And I certainly hope it will run longer than one game!

    Team Hero: D.J. LeMahieu!

    Honorable Mention: Gleyber Torres!

    Any other suggestions?

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    Re: Team Hero: October 4, 2019 vs Twins

    I was looking for this after the game, well done !!

    LeM was the stud but there were a bunch of high points: Torres for the GREAT AB and key hit for the lead; Judge for looking good at the plate and the catch; parrotman for again looking rust-free coming back; Stanton for not swinging at crap and 3 walks; Paxton for keeping us in the game and that great K of Cruz; Gardner for grit and another freakin HR; the pen for another solid showing; and Boone for finally showing some urgency in his pen moves, making last year’s ALDS a distant memory and giving real hope going forward.

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    Re: Team Hero: October 4, 2019 vs Twins

    Torres tops the list in terms of WPA:
    Torres .245
    DJL .170
    Judge .158
    EE .099
    Green .086

    WPA is definitely giving Torres far too much credit for the double-play ball that resulted in two runs scoring, but the bases-clearing double still makes him one of the heroes of the game.

    WPA is also not giving Judge enough credit, since it ignores his two diving plays in the field. He had a helluva game.

    Interestingly, Polanco (.248) had the highest WPA on either team. Cruz was at .105 while Garver put up a negative .123.
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    Re: Team Hero: October 4, 2019 vs Twins

    TH: DJ-2.....whoops, I mean...
    TH: DL-26....4 rbi.
    HM: AJ-99....what a solid game.

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