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    2019 Little League World Series

    The United States has 8 regionals. 5 have 6 teams, 1 has 7 teams, and 2 have 8 teams. That's 53. California and Texas get 2 teams and the other 48 states and D.C. get 1. Last year nobody replied. The Regionals are from August 1 through 10. The Mid-Atlantic Regional has 6 teams, including 2 within 35 miles of Yankee Stadium. They are:

    Newark National in Newark, DE (in northwestern Delaware near University of Delaware)

    Fruitland in Fruitland, MD (in southeastern Maryland one town south of Salisbury)

    Elmora Youth in Elizabeth, NJ (near the Goethals Bridge)

    Haverstraw and Haverstraw, NY (in Rockland County between the Tappan Zee Bridge and Bear Mountain Bridge)

    East Pennsboro Youth Athletic in Enola, PA (on the west side of the Susquehanna River across from Harrisburg)

    Northwest Washington in Washington D.C.

    The format is double elimination, but when the undefeated team from the winners bracket and the 1 loss team from the losers bracket play, it is 1 game even if the undefeated team loses and both teams end with one loss. That is the format that World Baseball Classic qualifying uses.

    In Regionals with 6 or 7 teams, not all teams can start in the same round. Here are the teams that got byes:

    Great Lakes: Kentucky and Michigan
    Mid-Atlantic: D.C. and Delaware
    Midwest: South Dakota
    New England: New Hampshire and Rhode Island
    Northwest: Idaho and Oregon
    Southeast: None (8 teams)
    Southwest: None (8 teams)
    West: Utah and Arizona

    In Regionals with 6 teams, teams that didn't get byes and lose their first game and teams that lose the games between winners and teams with byes go to the losers bracket against a team they didn't play earlier. Here's how the Mid-Atlantic Regional has gone so far and the schedule:

    Game 1: New Jersey 1, Pennsylvania 0
    Game 2: New York 9, Maryland 2
    Game 3 (today): New Jersey vs. Washington, D.C.
    Game 4 (today): New York vs. Delaware
    Game 5 (tomorrow): Pennsylvania vs. Game 4 loser, loser eliminated
    Game 6 (tomorrow): Maryland vs. Game 3 loser, loser eliminated
    Game 7 (Wednesday): Game 3 winner vs. Game 4 winner
    Game 8 (Thursday): Game 5 winner vs. Game 6 winner, loser eliminated
    Game 9 (Friday): Game 7 loser vs. Game 8 winner, loser eliminated
    Game 10 (Saturday): Game 7 winner vs. Game 9 winner, winner goes to Little League World Series

    3 sites are hosting 2 Regionals and 2 sites are hosting 1 Regional. The Mid-Atlantic and New England Regionals are in Bristol, CT. That is much closer to Haverstraw and Elizabeth than to the other 4 teams.

    7 of the 8 international teams are known. They are:

    Asia-Pacific and Middle East: Chungcheong, South Korea
    Australia: Sydney, New South Wales
    Canada: To be determined
    Caribbean: Willemstad, Curacao
    Europe and Africa: Bologna, Italy
    Japan: Tokyo
    Latin America: Maracaibo, Venezuela
    Mexico: Guadalupe, Nueva Leon

    Canada has 7 teams play a round-robin group from August 1 through 7. The top 4 go to the Semifinals on August 9 and Final on August 10. The teams are:

    Mirabel Diamond in Mirabel, Quebec: 4-0
    Coquitlam in Coquitlam, British Columbia: 3-0
    Ottawa West in Ottawa, Ontario: 3-0
    Glace Bay in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia: 1-3
    Ancaster in Ancaster, Ontario (the host): 1-3
    Calgary West in Calgary, Alberta: 0-3
    Moose Jaw in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan: 0-3

    The 8 international regions had 96 teams with different amounts and formats in different regions. Europe and Africa (which didn't have any African teams) had 5 teams play a round-robin group that sent the winner to join 12 teams in a 13 team double elimination tournament with 24 games.

    All the qualifiers will be determined by August 10.

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    Re: 2019 Little League World Series

    With my sons in Little League, this has a renewed interest for me. Hope to go see a regional game in San Bernardino next week.
    If they ask who was our star, give them 25 names, and if you forget our names, just tell them we were Yankees.

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    Re: 2019 Little League World Series

    The Regionals end tomorrow, and New York and New Jersey are in the Mid-Atlantic Final. The winner will play their first Little League World Series game Friday August 16 against the Northwest winner from Coeur d'Alene, ID or Salem, OR. That will be Game 8, which is the last game that is the first game for teams. The biggest blowouts in American regionals were Montana over Wyoming 20-0 in 3 innings and Georgia over West Virginia 23-0 in 4 innings, but both of those winners were eliminated in blowout losses.

    Japan had a 16 team tournament, and the champion from Tokyo won 4 games by a combined score of 37-1.

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    Re: 2019 Little League World Series

    Proud for what the New Jersey team from Elizabeth did? Great run!

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