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Thread: Don't look now.

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    Lance Lynn.......


    Lance Lynn is a ~4 WAR player at the midway point. 11-4 record.

    The guy is a horse. He easily cracks the top 5 on this starting rotation.
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    Re: Don't look now.

    He's worth a look, but bear in mind, he is not a stud and at 33 older than I want.

    I want someone in the 24-28 (or so) age brachet and who can break into our top three starters. I know that's asking for a lot, but that is what we need.

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    Re: Don't look now.

    Last night he became the first pitcher to 12 wins. The last pitcher to lead MLB in wins after playing for the Yankees was Dazzy Vance in 1924 and 1925. He hardly pitched for the Yankees, with 28 innings for Yankees in 1915 and 2 1/3 innings for the Yankees in 1918. In 2000, David Wells tied Tim Hudson for the most in the AL with 20, with Tom Glavine leading MLB with 21.

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    Re: Don't look now.

    Wait, you mean this isn't a thread about Donald Sutherland movies?
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