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I really hope he is gone after this year, but don't expect it. For some reason he's getting the Mitre and Gaudin treatment where no matter how bad he does he stays on the roster.
Unfortunately, considering the market and the current pitchers available I'll bet he's going to be in the opening day roster for sure. Assuming 13 pitchers, they are likely:
5 "starters" in Severino, Paxton, Tanaka, German, Happ (I'm hoping for Cole, but regardless of who there will be 5 starters minimum)
5 "lock bullpen" in Chapman OR Betances (if Chapman opts out, possibly Betances returns but I don't see both staying), Britton, Ottavino, Kahnle, Green (since his return from demotion in May, he has a 2.89 ERA in 53IP with 74K).
Now, considering history and statistically Monty deserves be in MLB, but with the available backup starters and injuries I can see Monty starting back in AAA to keep arm stretched and build back as full time starter (same for King), as it will be a waste to make him a mop up/long man in the pen right now.

Thus there are 3 slots left including a long man or two especially early in the season, which will likely be chosen from the likes of Cessa, Hale, Cortes, Loaisiga, and *gulp* Adams. Unfortunately, I can see the back end of the bullpen to start the season be Cessa, Hale, and possibly Heller or Holder as of right now.

Now, will he last the whole year is a different story, but I was all but expecting him to be DFAed in the first half of this year, but life is crazy and he's still here so... :shrug: