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    Re: Rule Changes 2019-2020

    Quote Originally Posted by YankeePride1967 View Post
    It also may have the opposite of the intended effect. Forcing pitchers to pitch to more batters also could lead to more offense which means more, not less time
    The issue isn't time but action. So more offense is good

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    Re: Rule Changes 2019-2020

    Quote Originally Posted by Yankee-1 View Post
    The issue isn't time but action. So more offense is good
    I also question if flow will even improve

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    Re: Rule Changes 2019-2020

    Quote Originally Posted by Nome View Post
    Let's really talk about the elephant in the house.

    What is dragging the game we love so long is the incessant TV commercials. Without those the game wouldn't be so boring.
    There are many TV shows that I love to watch, but I cannot watch them with out taping them so that a 60 minute show is then reduced to 40 minutes and stays interesting.

    There is no way in todays society that we will ever reduce the 25% of the time spent on commercials so why would we want to destroy the game by changing the beautiful game that we all love.

    Commercials are the entire problem and we can't do anything to lessen it's impact.

    Andy - they have come close at least. Going from 2:25 to 2:00 on national broadcasts is a 17% reduction in time between innings. That change alone could take 7 minutes out of a national broadcast. The change is minimal on local broadcasts, though.

    What I think we will see more of is the quick 8 second commercials and screens where the AB is shrunk and the outer bands are a sponsor message.

    As for the other changes:

    1. It would be better if they moved the July 31 trade deadline a little later into August; maybe the tenth or fifteenth.
    2. I like the 26 man rule, but would like to see a 30 man roster to give teams a chance to bring up a couple more prospects. In conjunction with this rule change, though, I would suggest that teams have to designate the 26 active players for each game.
    3. I am wishy washy on the three man rule - yes, it does basically eliminate the LOOGY from the game, but watching the incessant pitching changes some managers use is very tiring.
    Forgive me for taking the Contrarian view

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