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    Re: Voter says he wont vote for Rivera..

    Quote Originally Posted by theDurk View Post
    So, you could care less?
    Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get. ~ Dale Carnegie

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    Re: Voter says he wont vote for Rivera..

    And I don't have to do a thing. You guys got it.

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    Re: Voter says he wont vote for Rivera..

    Dan Shaughnessy has only voted one player. Mo survived.

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    Re: Voter says he wont vote for Rivera..

    So getting close to the announcement, here's where things stand on publicly revealed ballots (204 total, of which 5 are anonymous. Based on the past few years, there will probably be a few dozen more ballots revealed before the announcement tomorrow):

    Mo - 100%
    Halladay - 92.6%
    Edgar - 90.2%
    Moose - 80.9%
    Schilling - 71.6%
    Clemens - 70.6%
    Bonds - 70.1%
    L Walker - 65.2%

    Since people started revealing their ballots prior to the announcement, only Griffey Jr. was at 100% on the public, pre-announcement ballots. Maddux, Pedro, Unit, etc... were all left off at least 1 public ballot, so while it's no surprise Mo is going in overwhelmingly, he's doing well even in the context of the other guys who got massive support.

    Moose is going to be very close. He's always done about 7% better on the public, pre-announcement ballots than overall, so he will just miss it, or just make it. Schilling's up about 10% from where he was last year, and he'll probably be in the low to mid 60's, and looks like he'll make it in in a few years. Bonds and Clemens are up about 6% from where they were last year, and look like they'll be in in a few years as well. Walker's made a huge jump (38.5% on public, pre-announcement ballots last year), and will probably be pretty close in his final year next year.

    Pettitte's at 6.4%, and will probably fall off the ballot when the final totals are in.


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