Hope it's OK if I start a thread to discuss overall offense in MLB. I read this interesting article and was curious to see what everyone thinks -- hopefully it will spark some interesting discussion.


The TL;DR version of the article is basically:
1. There's some momentum within MLB behind the idea of banning the shift to increase offense.
2. However, analysis shows that this would have only a negligible impact on the number of strikeouts or BABIP numbers. What the game really needs is fewer strikeouts.
3. The way to reduce strikeouts is not to tighten the strike zone, because that would only increase walks which definitely boost offense, but in the least exciting way possible.
4. The way to do it is to lower the mound like they did after 1968, reducing pitcher velocity and tilting the advantage back to hitters a bit.
5. Or just leave the game alone and rely on teams to adjust and adapt organically.

Discuss amongst yourselves.