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    Re: Official 2018-19 Offseason / Hot Stove Thread

    Interesting comments in Denver Post

    Tulo was never the leader the Rockies wanted him to be, in part because he expected everyone to approach the game the same way he did. Given his single-minded passion for the game, that was never going to happen. It caused some clubhouse friction.

    LeMahieu, now wearing Yankees pinstripes, is a contradiction. In the clubhouse, at least in front of the media, he is quiet, passive, and almost intentionally boring. But ask any Rockies player and they’ll tell you that no one is tougher or more competitive on the diamond.


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    Re: Official 2018-19 Offseason / Hot Stove Thread

    I think another factor besides the actual money is that a lot of players want to be the highest paid guy.
    It’s a prestige/ego thing.

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    Re: Official 2018-19 Offseason / Hot Stove Thread

    The more I read about LeMahieu, the more excited I am to see him play.

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    Re: Official 2018-19 Offseason / Hot Stove Thread

    LOL if Machado signs with SD and Harper signs with PHI.

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    Re: Official 2018-19 Offseason / Hot Stove Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Jace View Post
    Severino IS generally a breaking ball pitcher as that goes, though. He throws a hard slider 36% of the time, which is close to as high as it gets for starting pitchers.

    I'm not sure on the data for slider vs splitter in causing pitcher arm injuries (I tend to doubt it's conclusive if it exists), and sure, Tanaka may have a scarier pitch mix, but Severino isn't Happ, he throws a lot of breaking balls.
    Right. The conclusion of a lot of studies are not a particular type of breaking pitch causes more injuries. Curveball vs slider. But more that higher velocity is a leading cause of arm injuries, sliders just happen to be thrown harder than curveballs.

    In the season before surgery, MLB pitchers who underwent UCLR demonstrated greater fastball, slider, curveball, changeup, and split-fingered fastball velocities, with no significant difference in pitch type.
    Calmer than you are

    7/30/2017: The day the Minnesota Twins bought a prospect from the New York Yankees.

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    Re: Official 2018-19 Offseason / Hot Stove Thread

    Yankees should only be getting started locking up their core.

    Aaron Judge

    He does not even become arbitration-eligible until next offseason. With two years and 86 days of high-end results going into last year, Gary Sanchez earned just $620,400 for 2018 from the Yanks. Judge (two years, 51 days) is probably due in the same range for 2019.

    Didi Gregorius

    The word is he’s healing ahead of schedule from Tommy John surgery. Still, assume the Yanks want to see games. The Yanks adore this player on the field and in the clubhouse. Gregorius seems to love being a Yankee and now sees how damaging an injury can be. Does that combination push him to avoid a free agent market next offseason with Boston shortstop Xavier Bogaerts.

    Dellin Betances

    He would be a fascinating free-agent case. On one hand, he has been dominant the past five years in a bunch of relief roles when teams are willing to invest on versatile, strikeout-heavy relievers. But there are bits of wildness, Tommy John surgery in his past and constant worries about his mechanics due to his size.

    Aaron Hicks

    He took years to become productive and even performing well in these past two seasons he has endured injuries. But Hicks is a switch-hitter with power, patience and defensive skill in center. The Yanks do not have a ready-made solution in 2020 with Gardner likely gone, Jacoby Ellsbury a non-factor and Clint Frazier not viewed as a center fielder. The optimistic ETA on Estevan Florial is 2021.

    Austin Romine

    Maybe you expected Gary Sanchez here. But his 2018 was so disturbing that unless he was ready to do a sweetheart deal, I cannot imagine the Yanks going long term now — and I can’t imagine Sanchez selling himself low.

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    Re: Official 2018-19 Offseason / Hot Stove Thread

    Cashman said Ellsbury, who has two years and $47 million remaining on the seven-year, $153 million contract he signed before the start of the 2014 season, likely will resume baseball activities in mid-to-late March and likely will start the season on the injured list.

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    Re: Official 2018-19 Offseason / Hot Stove Thread

    I'm shocked, shocked I tell you !
    More people have walked on the moon than have scored an earned run off of Mariano Rivera in the postseason.

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