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    Re: Official 2018-19 Offseason / Hot Stove Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by ppa79 View Post
    To me, unanimous doesn't mean you have to be the best at your position. To me, unanimous means the guy is a legitimate Hall of Famer, no questions asked. Derek Jeter might not be the greatest ever at his position, but the guy is a legitimate Hall of Famer.
    I fully agree that unanimous shouldn't require being the best ever, but to break the stupid trend of the "holy unanimousness" I think they needed the undebatable best of his position. The whole "if Ruth can't get in blah blah" argument opens more retarded arguments like Jeter is definitely a HOFer but he ain't even the best SS ever blah blah" can of worm which leads to Griffey not making in unanimous and such.

    If anything this makes it easier for people to vote Jeter in unanimously (and deserved) and I fully support it.

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    Re: Official 2018-19 Offseason / Hot Stove Thread

    Again, by no means even remotely comparing the two situations directly, but as an analogy it basically is a very petty, stupid, childish version of breaking color barrier. Even before Robinson, there probably were many other colored guys who could've been solid or better regular player in MLB who deserved to play. However, to be "the first" it took a true star player like Robinson, because being a "good player" wasn't enough to go against the stereotype, regardless of how wrong it was.

    As is, to break the unanimous candidate stereotype (which was wrong to begin with, but that is beside the point,), simply being a fully deserving great HOFer ala Griffey wasn't enough to convince the fossil brains of some voter. It required "THE best closer in history" for that, and now that it is out of the way all the rest of "fully worthy undebatable HOFer" to follow can be deservingly voted in unanimously, and I won't be surprised if that is Jeter next year.

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    Re: Official 2018-19 Offseason / Hot Stove Thread

    Since there is voting limit, I fully expect that some voters would cast a strategic ballot to keep Jeter away from unanimous.

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