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    Re: MVP Conversation

    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Marsh View Post
    Here are the OBP’s for the Red Sox 1-2-3 spots in the order ahead of JD:

    1 - .418
    2 - .340
    3 - .353

    Mookie comes up once each game with a guarantee that no one will be on base in front of him when he leads off the game. Here are the OBP’s for their 7-8-9 spots in the order ahead of Mookie:

    7 - .298
    8 - .267
    9 - .312
    This pretty much says it all vis a vis the RBI differential.

    Quote Originally Posted by BabyBombers View Post

    He nearly won the triple crown.

    If you are going to give the DH argument, then how do Pitchers who dont bat win the MVP sometimes? You dont need both if you dominate one side of it. JD was a HUGE part of the Red Sox success this season. IMO, he made players like Betts and Bennintendi have better hitting stats this season where we saw last year what happened without his presence.

    Dont get me wrong though, Betts is nasty and I do pick him for the AL MVP, but to throw away JD like nothing is not right. I bet he is top 3.
    Nobody is throwing JD away like nothing. The dude had a fantastic year. The issue here is that 5 other guys also had fantastic years, and they did so on both sides of the ball. JD has better offensive numbers than some of those guys, but not so much better that it makes up for the massive chasm in defensive value.

    I also find the prevailing narrative, that JD's presence instantly made Mookie and the rest better hitters, rather silly. These are young players who projected to be this good, more or less. Mookie and Bogaerts already posted good offensive numbers in 2016 before each taking a step back last year (partly due to injuries in Bogey's case). I was full on board the "JD or Bust" bandwagon last offseason, but his offensive success doesn't automatically bump everyone else half an OPS point. If he did, Devers, Nunez, Vazquez, and Leon certainly didn't get the memo.

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    Re: MVP Conversation

    Quote Originally Posted by Yankee Tripper View Post
    At least you’re being honest about it
    As great as Trout is (his Baseball-Reference comparison for ages 21, 25, & 26 is Frank Robinson; and for ages 22, 23, & 24 it's Mickey Mantle), how many important, pressure-packed games has he played for the Angels?

    It's Betts, hands down.

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