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    Re: NYYFans FB League - 2018 Week 16

    Trading is addicting. I think I have the right team now. Just gotta see how they all perform at this point. Good luck all

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    Re: NYYFans FB League - 2018 Week 16

    Quote Originally Posted by Coney36 View Post
    Not trying to make excuse, but really not going to be responding to trade requests for the next few days. In hospital trying to have a kid since yesterday, sorry for delays.

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    Re: NYYFans FB League - 2018 Week 16

    This week's preview (in greenish):
    And now, Saturday, we get a "How we doing" and "Predictions" (in red):

    Michigan Wolverines (7-8) @ Guys with Wood (14-1)
    Slyly, the Wolvies have won 4 in row and have risen above the DiMaffio basement. Unfortunately for the Wolvies, they face the next NYYFans Champjon this week. Winners of 8 in a row, losers of just 1. One win streak will end this week.

    As advertised, the Guys Who Bat and Pitch better than everyone else are throttling the Wolverines. How rude. A 98 point lead for this year's future Champjon.
    MW: Brian (Bull) Dozier 25 (How about that Porky Porcello putting up a neg 20, hus?)
    GwW: Mookie Betts with 36.5 is not even the leader here. This JRam guy has 39.
    Prediction: WoodChampjs get win 15

    Buckeye Nation (10-5) @ The Empire Strikes Back (6-9)
    Buckeye Nation sits atop the DiMaggio Division having won 4 in a row. The Empire Strikes Back is playing for pride and to spoil. This looks like it could be a close one that gets decided on Sunday.

    If the season ended yestiday, the BNats would be a Wild Card Team. But it didn't and they are down 23.5 to the Backs. They are also down a Start. The ESB's want that 7th win.
    BN: Jason (Back from his first half vacation) Kipnis 22
    ESB: Oddly no one has the 20 pt minimum to receive a mention here
    Prediction: ESBN dents the playoff hopes of the Nation of Buckeyes.

    Evil Empire (8-7) @ Springfield Nuclear Powerplant (4-11)
    The Empire of Evil is hanging around in the DiMag, looking for an opening. The Powerplant is playing for pride and next season. Empire heavily favored in this battle.

    The Empire is living up to their heavily favored blurb above with an 80.5 pt lead. Not much is going well for the Powerplant this weAk.
    EE: Dallas Keueweuchel 23
    SNP: Nudge... get this.... Sonny Gray 28
    Prediction: This one is in the bank. Empire gets 9th win, the headline shall read.

    Felonious Punks (6-9) @ Mrs. Bill and Sluggo (9-6)
    Mrs Bill is wondering if she can get a Division Change. She'd be in contention in any other Div. However, there's a good shot at a Wild Card (record or points) for this nice team. Punks hope to spoil the Mrs Bill party this week. Somehow, this one might be close.

    Mrs Bill doesn't have a 50 point lead. Sadly it's only 49.
    The Punks spoiler win hinges on their 4-2 PSR advantage.
    MBS: Frankie (Malcolm in the Middle) Montas 23
    FP: Jake (the Garden Rake) Arrieta 27.5
    Prediction: This could end up really close, but I don't like the pitching matchups for the Punks, so I believe in my heart of hearts that the Sluggo Club will prevail.

    Miko's Marauders (8-7) @ Judgement Day (10-5)
    Tony's Judgement Day, having a fine season, looks down at all the other Mantle Division mates. They should be able to take down the Miko Marauderers this week. Miko is reeling coming off a 4th straight loss and falling to 2nd place. Midnight trade offers are all lined up and ready to roll.

    The annual Miko Fire Sale started with a Sale. Of course, the annual Miko, he's buying again Sale is just a week or so away. That said, the Miko is in trouble this week as the face the week's second most potent team. The powerful Judgement Day leads by 64.5. The bad news for the Day's is they are out of PS's remaining. The Miko has 2.
    MM: Trevor (Toy) Story 23.5
    JD: Greg (the Yankee Fan whipping Boy) Bird 27
    Prediction: JD will win and could increase his division lead...

    Romanian Yankees (8-7) @ The Lumberjacks (9-6)
    The Jax come off a tough loss to the lousy Ligers and find themselves in 2nd place. Still well the playoff hunt for 1st place, the best record and the most points Wild Cards. The stunningly surprising RoYanks are suddenly back in contention. Miko's freefall has given the RoYs hope. The Jax do look like the favorite this week though.

    The Bucharest Yankees are dealing a deathly blow to the Lumberjax. The trees are falling and the cutters are in the way. The lead is 68.5. The Cutters do have hope with a 4-2 PSR ad.
    RY: EeeeeAn Desmond 25.5
    tL: Marcus (that's a) Stroman (argument, bro) 23.5
    Prediction: Looking at the pitching matchups... This one will be close and the RoYs will get closer to contention with win 9.

    Carolina Force@ (9-6) Planet Express (6-9)
    The Carolina Force have become the poster child of "Don't Give Up too Early in the Season". What a season. With their trade this week, this writer puts them number one at having the best chance against the Wood. The Express will not have a chance to repeat. After 2 years in the final round, it's back to rebuilding and playing spoiler for the rest of this season.

    The Force seems to be having a bit of a power outage so far this week. The Express has a scant 11.5 pt lead coupled with a 3-1 PSR edge. An unlikely place for the Force to be at this juncture.
    CF: Alex Bregman 29.5
    PE: A couple of P's with 20.5 (Polanco and Pivetta)
    Prediction: Something tells me the Express will hold on.

    Larrupin' Lou's (2-13) @ Those Hobbled Men in their Tattered Stirrups (7-8)
    Six straight losses faces five straight losses. Someone's gonna get back in the win column. This should be a close one. I tink da Commish will prevail.

    The HobMenTatStirs have a mini lead of 3.5. They also hold a mini 2-1 PSR ad. Someone has to win this week's lowest scoring contest.
    LL: Jose Quintuplets 24.5
    HM: Double A Nola 34
    Prediction: Hob gets back to .500

    Babe's Blasts (5-10)@ Formal Ferrets (4-11)
    Our two returning owners (and we do welcome you both back happily) will fight it out this week for a blast at formality. The Blast are favored to win this one. But, we'll let things play out.

    The English Ferrets putting on a bit of a power surge this week. They lead this one by 23. The Blast hold the PSR ad 2-1.
    BB: Marco Gonzales 31
    FF: Colestack Calhoun 24.5
    Prediction: I think the Ferrets will win due to Leake pitching in Denver.

    Ligers (10-5) @ HobokenSquatCobblers (8-7)
    This looks to be a very close battle. The HoBo's would love to take the Ligers out of 1st place. The Liger's want to stay in first. They really do. First place is nice. Please lose Hobo's. Please?

    A close battle it is. Some back and forth and lead changes. The Hoboken's have the Starting pitching edge this weekend.
    L: Kyle (he makes you smile) Gibson 30.5
    H: Justin Smoak 30.5
    Prediction: This one will go down to the proverbial wire.

    The final week before the stupid exhibition game break. Play hard and don't give up until the last out is recorded.

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    Re: NYYFans FB League - 2018 Week 16

    I am highly impressed by the domination of the Woodies. I can think of no other word. 1st in points by almost 1,000. 9 wins in a row for a 15-1 record. It's impressive. Lumberjacks are the only team to beat him.

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    Re: NYYFans FB League - 2018 Week 16

    Belated thanks to all! Still trying to figure out what day of the week it is now...
    ~*~ Bleeding Maize and Blue since 2001 ~*~

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