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    Re: Time for a robo-ump to call balls and strikes, YAY or NAY?

    Quote Originally Posted by longtimeyankeefan View Post
    CP - I appreciate your supplying this link. However, this analysis includes the following caveat in it's introduction:

    Essentially, the author has done this analysis with no consideration of the variability of players height and their batting stance. In other words, the strike zone for Jose Altuve is the exact same as the strike zone for Aaron Judge in this study, an assumption that I cannot buy into - not only does it not control for player height, it does not control for batting stance either.

    That single factor would cause most scientists to question the validity of the author's conclusions.
    There's been multiple studies. That was just one. They all pretty much have the same conclusion. Umps are bad by a lot.
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    Re: Time for a robo-ump to call balls and strikes, YAY or NAY?

    Re: technological capabilities

    International cricket uses a replay system, and one instance that comes to mind is a LBW challenge (for those unfamiliar with the rules of cricket, the batter can be put out if the ball hits his legs at the height of the three stumps.)

    The replay shows the path of the ball, and then projects the path if it hadn't hit the batter. Then it produces one of three outcomes: Not Out, Out, Umpire's Call. So while I'm all for robo ump, I'm in agreement of not yet
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    Re: Time for a robo-ump to call balls and strikes, YAY or NAY?

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