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    Re: Gerrit Cole the one who got away

    Quote Originally Posted by OdiN9 View Post

    The potential value of pine tar was raised in a recent social media conversation about the early-season performance of Gerrit Cole. After it was suggested in a thread of tweets that the spin rate on Cole's four-seam fastball has jumped significantly, and there was speculation about the use of pine tar, the Indians' Trevor Bauer jumped into the conversation April 11 via Twitter

    Trevor Bauer

    11 Apr
    Replying to @drivelinebases
    The rules should be enforced as they’re written. Pine tar is more of a competitive advantage in a given game than steroids are.

    Cole cheating? He's using pinetar?
    Bauer deleted the tweet. He’s such a wanker.
    David Ortiz tested positive for performance enhancing drugs in 2003.

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    Re: Gerrit Cole the one who got away

    Trevor Bauer is a horse every 5th day. And a...the rest.
    This is not America...No! https://youtu.be/neLXqbR_r0E

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