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    Re: Yankees sign Neil Walker?...

    Quote Originally Posted by Snatch Catch View Post
    If we as fans have WS aspirations, why would playing a guy who has the 7th best wRC+ amongst all ML 2B over the last three years, over an unproven rookie who looked severely overmatched last season, be worrying/unlikeable to you?

    Walker is so far from a belly-full-of-guts guy who they're hoping to draw the luck out of through advanced metrics and scouting, a la Carter or Drew.
    Probably already posted. I like Wade to start but just don't know if he can hit has well as Walker, esp at 113 wRC+ clip. So I think Wade will back up Walker for lefties hopefully we will replace Walker with Torres later (better player) but I have my worries like Andujar and Drury. I can't see anything in common with Carter or Drew except when we got Drew from BoSox he did not have a full ST either and expect Walker to do well.

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