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I think people are generally overreacting here in terms of his future, but that was maybe the worst AB I've ever seen considering the situation. It was like he woke up from a nap in the middle of a REM cycle and maybe had also forgotten that breaking pitches exist.

I know he swings through breaking pitches all the time, but with a little situational awareness, all he would have had to do was stand there and wait for a favorable count/walk. Maybe know what your own reputation is and try using that in an important moment.
Just thinking it over today... in this series I swear Stanton literally struck out EVERY at-bat in a big spot. I mean he couldn't even chop a grounder? A lazy fly? He gotta strike out EVERY time when there are men on? How does our highest paid hitter, batting in the middle of the lineup, summon up ZERO RBIs in a 4 game playoff series? Sorry to rant, but just thinking about it 24 hrs later makes me want to throw things.