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    Re: The Hunt for an Ellsbury Trade

    Quote Originally Posted by H.Kokubo View Post
    It is nice that you have that much faith in those three, and I hope you are correct...but realistically, if Cave or McKinney can have Ellsbury's Yankee stats over their career I'd be estatic.
    Again, what makes Ellsbury bad is his contract, but there are significantly more AAAA players who can't hit .750 OPS in the MLB after being awesome in AAA.

    You're absolutely correct. He is a dependable player and we know what he can do. He has speed, good defensively, has some pop and a decent bat. His downfall is his salary and how it affects our cap.
    He is the victim of our roster. We are loaded. Gardner, Judge, Stanton and Hicks are ahead of hin as a starter with a lot of us liking Frazier. But we can't trade him, we would be foolish to release him and his salary. So lets live with it and see what Cashman can do to get us a young frontline pitcher

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    Re: The Hunt for an Ellsbury Trade

    It's amazing how ellsbury has come no where close in any other season to his 2011 stats. I wonder what happened? I know he's been hurt a lot.

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