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Thread: Castro..

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    Re: Castro..

    Quote Originally Posted by jcarey View Post
    I'm one of Castro's biggest critics (especially when he's flailing at balls he's capable of taking), but 5 HRS in 9 games.

    I think half of our lineup is on fire right now.
    from the Offense Performance Thread:

    Gardner LF (125)
    Hicks CF (165)
    Judge RF (191)
    Holliday DH (141)
    Castro 2B 5 (131)
    Sánchez C (132)
    Gregorius SS (121)
    Carter 1B (77)
    Torreyes or Headly3B (76, 76)

    Entire offense, as of 6/12/2017, has a weighted OPS+ of 116 and 1-7 hitters are about 144 It's a modern day murderer's row
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    Re: Castro..

    bat him behind sanchez

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    Re: Castro..

    Quote Originally Posted by freebubba View Post
    Where is CP? I need the latest 10 game update on Castro
    .400/.444/.725/1.169, 3 HR, 11 RBI, 12 Runs

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