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    Re: 2017 Pineda Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by DaBliz View Post
    They just want to sell regardless of our record in July, figuring that the team will be better off long-term if we sacrifice this season. It also allows them to complain in almost any scenario, because they know damn well that the team isn't going to sell if we're in a wildcard spot come the deadline. If the Yanks take a turn for the worst, then they'll be able to complain about any player we end up keeping. It's like a Catch-21 for pessimists.
    Quote Originally Posted by smckdwn989 View Post
    Speak for yourself, I think by now I'm one of the more optimistic posters around here. but when it comes to pineda, I don't want him long term so if he's lights out at the ASB and we're not buyers, then I want him dealt so we can continue to build big time talent and have the ability to either trade those pieces for pitching etc when the time comes.
    If they aren't winning the division, or insanely close, I'd sell. But the Yankees won't.

    If they get a good offer for Pineda and/or any offer for Ellsbury, I'd sell very quickly.
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    Re: 2017 Pineda Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by jcarey View Post
    Ah, Catch-21, Heller's less successful prequel work.
    Heller was a catcher before he was a pitcher!

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    Re: 2017 Pineda Thread

    Pineda was #1 last season. Hate this guy so much.

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    Re: 2017 Pineda Thread

    they don't have the proper model of variance
    always reasonable

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