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    Re: 2017 Joe Girardi Performance Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNewman View Post

    Im not brushing it off.
    I literally said in an earlier post that unless its a blowout, if he can't pitch the 8th, then he shouldn't be pitching at all. I'm not saying '' oh well, this is who he is and we just have to deal with it''.
    I don't want him coming into the game because he walks too many hitters and has done for most of his career. This year has been even more dramatic, as you said. So the k's can't cover it anymore.

    Looking at his swing rates. Hitters are laying off him at quite the reduced rate this season....especially out of the zone. Its like what Harper said at ASG is just going around the league this season.
    "Owning the Yankees," Steinbrenner once said, "is like owning the Mona Lisa."

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    Re: 2017 Joe Girardi Performance Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by b_joseph View Post
    How is there less pressure? 1 run lead in the 7th is still a one run lead that can easily spiral into a bases loaded situation.

    The sport has proven that guys who can control their stuff, can pretty much deal with any role out of the bullpen. Betances can't control his stuff regardless of role...he will always be a high walks guy.
    Because there is less pressure with lowered expectations. And generally speaking you have lower expectations of the reliever who comes in in the 7th than the reliever who comes in in the 8th or 9th.

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