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    Re: The Official 2017 Aaron Judge Performance Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by teknetic View Post
    Stanton significantly reduced his strikeouts this season. No reason Judge can't. Issue is a bit overblown given how well he does everything else, including defense.
    The strikeouts were a footnote when he was hitting nearly .330 and hitting home runs at a historic pace. Not the case when you're in a prolonged stretch of hitting under .200

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    Re: The Official 2017 Aaron Judge Performance Thread

    Judge still leads the league with a 170 wRC+ (among qualified players). Trouts is higher

    Can we chill with demoting him another Adam Dunn? He's a rookie, people forget that. He's 2nd in the MLB in walks and his OBP (more important than AVG) has been above league average even in his slump

    He's going through rookie struggles but it's absurd to think he won't be a star for years to come. Him not having to barrel up the ball to hit it out will keep him significantly above average for years

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