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    Re: Non-Presidential News Stories That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread Thread

    It would be months before Louis DeJoy took the reins of the nation’s mail system, and the U.S. Postal Service already was mired in crisis.

    Mail carriers were revolting, fearful they had few protections against the newly emerging coronavirus. The Trump administration was bearing down on its finances, sending USPS officials scrambling over what they saw as a potential illegal takeover of agency operations. And then there was a looming standoff with Amazon, which privately signaled it could take some of its lucrative delivery business elsewhere.
    The wide-ranging headaches that so troubled the USPS in April ultimately foreshadowed a summer of upheaval, thrusting the once-venerated mail service into a political maelstrom months before a presidential election. Newly disclosed details of these struggles are laid bare in nearly 10,000 pages of emails, legal memos, presentations and other documents obtained by The Washington Post from American Oversight, a watchdog group that requested them under the Freedom of Information Act.
    Read the whole article. What a disaster.
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    Re: Non-Presidential News Stories That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread Thread

    Those were the rantings of a weak minded, religious extremist, and oh yeah...He’s lashing out at the fact his prosecutors are thwarting his malevolence.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Texsahara View Post
    Read the whole article. What a disaster.
    I don’t have time to read the whole article but, last time I checked, Mnuchin had not even released the 10B loan that Trump had put in place instead of the 25B requested in the House bill.

    In short, I think Trump’s fail safe is to let the PO collapse in the next 4 weeks or so. No mail, no ballots by mail.

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    Re: Non-Presidential News Stories That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread Thread

    Also, back in the spring, every household got a postcard from the CDC that laughably said “President Trump’s Covid Guidelines” or something like that. It cost $200M+ and the PO never got paid for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yankees1962 View Post
    He's the most political AG we've seen and he said that.
    What I laughed at was his saying that the Praetorian Guard was apolitical. He couldn’t be more wrong.

    Though this doesn’t appear in the prepared text of his speech, Barr also posed a question to the FBI: "Whose agents don’t you think you are? These people are agents of the attorney general,". FBI Director Chris Wray answered him in a House hearing yesterday: "I will say, we, the FBI, work for the American people."

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