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The anti-abortion crowd can point out whatever they want. I do not have to agree with it. I don't agree that there are two bodies involved. I believe there is is one body and a parasitic collection of human tissue and DNA. They call it a body, a baby, a human being, a person. I call it none of those things and believe they are wrong. I can't think of any reason to defer to their beliefs.
I think the point Maynerd was making, which I understand you don't agree with, is that using language like "a parasitic collection of human tissue and DNA" does nothing to influence those on the other side of the ledger. In fact, it makes them more likely to resist seeing your POV. Now, I'm not sure how much using softer language will touch the hearts and minds of pro-lifers, but I'm pretty confident this is non-productive to counter-productive at best. That doesn't seem important to you, probably because you also doubt whether that matters or not. But if I were strategizing, I'd be less cynical towards the opposing POV even if that didn't move the needle much or at all.