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He didn’t come across that way to me. And it’s not like tha White House won’t investigate its own talking points, true or otherwise.

Castro was taking advantage of the Khashoggi murder to focus a spotlight on Kushner’s ties to the region and to the Saud family in particular. Calling out Kushner for “known ties to the kingdom” would even been irrelevant to the current discussion.

We currently have an administration that uses outright lies and innuendo to belittle and defeat Democrats. They cheat, the conspire with foreign dictators, and cover up for murderous thugs. But Democrats are supposed to worry about how one of their own comes across when he legitimately calls for an investigation of one of the most corrupt members of the current administration who only got his position through nepotism? Please.

This is the very kind of self-defeating behaviour that costs the Democrats elections. Trump doesn’t apologize for anything, but we’re supposed to apologize for one of our own before he’s even proven wrong? The guy needs your support. Help him out.
Spot on.