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    Re: President Donald Trump

    Quote Originally Posted by Maynerd View Post
    Okay. This has nothing to do with Trump, but I DO just happen to have a real-life forest-raking story, so here goes (and apologies in advance for the tangent):

    I spent more than a few years while I as in uniform at a base in upstate NY. While there, we had an F-16 crash about 30 miles from the base (fortunately, the pilot had safely ejected). The airplane came to rest in a wooded area of the Adirondacks. We needed to cut a road to the crash site to lift the wreckage out. While doing that, the State Environmental Office came out to the site, to make sure we hadn't spilled anything. We didn't. What little fuel was remaining in the aircraft burned at impact, but thankfully didn't start a wildfire.

    So then one of the State Guys expressed some concern about carbon fiber components to the aircraft. He wanted to make sure we didn't leave any carbon fibers behind. Now, the plane had crashed in mid-October, so since the crash, about 127,000 leaves had fallen onto the crash site. The state wanted us to rake the forest (only about a quarter acre, but still), take the leaves back to a hangar, dump them on the floor, sort the leaves from the airplane fibers, and the RETURN THE LEAVES to the forest, so as not to effect the ecosystem.

    It was not a good time to be the messenger, because when I brought this tasking to the installation commander (my boss), he chuckled and said something along the lines of "you had me going there for a second, Maynerd."

    "No, sir, I'm completely serious."

    A whole lot of bad words were used in his reply. And the volume was pretty high.

    End result......we got a bunch of Airmen with rakes and trash bags. We raked. It took a lot of trucks to carry all the leaves back to the base. We sorted. We returned the leaves. The whole effort took a LOT of time, and no one particularly enjoyed the task.

    Rake the forest. It's a thing. I've done it. It sucks.

    We now return to our regularly scheduled broadcast.
    That’s awesome.

    I’ll be sharing that one with my dad when I see him over the holidays. He was born/raised outside Albany, who incidentally is a retired aeronautical engineer (entire career at Pratt & Whitney) who owns portions of a few patents related to the F15 Eagle and F16 Falcon. He’s currently at war with his HOA down in Palm Beach Gardens, FL over the color of rocks he’s had installed in one of the islands in his lawn.

    But in NY’s defense, their environment conservation and parks services are top notch, right?
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    Re: President Donald Trump

    Quote Originally Posted by Texsahara View Post
    Ha? :eyeroll:
    POTUS changed the name of Schiff to "Schitt." This is really the Twilight Zone. Is he 8? What an infantile, disgraceful pile of garbage.
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