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    Re: President Donald Trump

    Quote Originally Posted by Saint Bernard View Post
    What if instead we started a game in which we take a drink everytime someone uses the word "narrative" in a political argument?
    Repeal the 2nd Amendment.

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    Re: President Donald Trump

    Quote Originally Posted by Saint Bernard View Post
    What if instead we started a game in which we take a drink everytime someone uses the word "narrative" in a political argument?
    Add talking points to that list.
    This is not America...No! https://youtu.be/neLXqbR_r0E

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    Re: President Donald Trump


    Team Trump continues to make history. Mike Pompeo is on track to be the first secretary of State nominee since the 19th century to not get the endorsement of the Senate Foreign Relations committee. However since we live in Mitch McConnell's alternate universe, he will still hold a full Senate vote in which he will likely squeak by either 51-49 or with Pence tiebreaker.

    Democrat Heidi Heitkamp from North Dakota has said she will vote for him and that's really all it would take.

    I'm tired of these red state democrats rolling over for Trump's picks. I understand that most presidents should be allowed to pick their cabinet, but Trump has shown over and over again that he's not just picking people who are ideologically different from the Democrats, but are outright unqualified for the posts they are asked to fill. It's not like Heitkamp's vote for Pompeo means the GOP will lay off her in the upcoming election. No matter what they'll still paint her as a socialist America hater. Might as well fight for everything we can given the limited power Democrats hold right now. I don't see how any Dem can vote for Pompeo based on his history and performance at his hearing when he was called out over and over for being the conspiracy theorist tea party nut he is.

    New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez — the committee’s top Democrat — ripped into the nominee:

    Menendez ticked off contradiction after contradiction: Pompeo said during the hearing that he supports a diplomatic approach to Iran’s nuclear program, but in the past has said that regime change is “the only way” to deal with the problem. He said today that he opposes regime change in North Korea but had mused just last year about toppling the Kim regime. And it went on from there.

    The pattern was clear: Pompeo has a long history of extreme rhetoric, on issues ranging from the use of military force to Islam to LGBTQ rights — but had spent the entire hearing presenting a much less extreme, and more palatable, version of his views. ...

    “As we close here,” the senator said, “I am trying to think about which Mike Pompeo I will be asked to vote on.”

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    Re: President Donald Trump

    Rand Paul’s opposition is instructive. After we learned the futility of regime change in Iraq, he says, Pompeo wants to lead a mission into Iran to accomplish regime change. Those who don’t learn from the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them.

    Meanwhile France and Britain are begging Trump not to pull out of the nuclear deal with Iran.

    In other news, a new report highlights that 95% of the world’s population is living in places where air quality is unhealthy. In places like Delhi, India, air quality is so bad that it severely impedes visibility for any distance. Visitors report that breathing its air burns their throats as soon as they step off the airplane. Business lobbyists push for reduction or abandonment of clean air standards with the false claim that the money saved would create more jobs. The fact is that the pursuit of clean air is a job creator with the development of new technologies. Dirty air creates additional costs in areas of health, schools and offices (installation/maintenance of air filter), etc. China is putting new emphasis on cleaning up its air quality because their evaluations show that dirty air is the result of equipment that is operating inefficiently and therefore at higher cost. Clean air is both a cost saver and job creator.

    This administration repeatedly makes decisions based on ignorance. Very frustrating.

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    Re: President Donald Trump

    Quote Originally Posted by ArodEra View Post
    Interesting that instead of challenging this or having a civil discussion, some chose to mock you. I guess the same members who like to constantly remind (scold) others to discuss or attack the post and not the poster doesn’t apply to you. Nor is anyone willing to take them to task for their infraction.

    I guess you’re just merely Hoodoo to them so it really doesn’t matter.
    ARod, you’re a reasonable guy, so why do you disparage others for mocking Hoodoo when the very post you quote has Hoodoo describes those he disagrees with as “looking ridiculous.” No mocking there?

    In addition, he bases that on a claim that there is no evidence of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign when anyone who has followed this knows that there is continuously mounting evidence of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

    Maybe if he started with actual facts, we could have a civil discussion.

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