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This is not an isolated instance of CP making this sort of remark, as you well know from being a frequent contributor on this forum. I don't understand why someone needs to inject this sort of "humor" into a comment and if you do, "dude", then I guess you and CP share the same sort of twisted outlook on life. Wishing for someone's death is not funny and I don't care what the context might be. If you wish to "spice up" a boring forum conversation by suggesting that someone put a bullet in someone's head, well I don't quite know how to react. I have a sense of humor and a truly funny comment is always welcome. I fail to see the humor of such comments.
Purposely or not, you're not understandng how humor works. It's not literal. When someone has a long day at work and comes home to say "Man, I'm gonna jump off a bridge" you're implying we should all react as if he/she is suicidal and must be taken to Bellvue for observation. It's exaggeration, hyperbole, etc. for effect.

Again, he isn't wishing for Kozma's death as I already said in my last post. Are you really not getting this? You're a smart guy, come on now. I'm guessing you're just not a fan of his humor because even a kid can recognize he isn't actually advocating for Kozma's murder. This is silly.