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    Players With A Career-High In Their Last Season

    In 2001, Paul O'Neill had a career-high 22 stolen bases.

    In 2008, Mike Mussina had a career-high 20 wins and a career-best (career-low) 1.4 walks per 9 innings.

    If the statistic is a rate statistic, the player must have had at least 1 inning or 3.1 plate appearances per team game to qualify.
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    Re: Players With A Career-High In Their Last Season

    He wasn't a Yankee and he wasn't old. But...

    Shoeless Joe had career highs in HR (12) and RBI (121) in 1920.
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    Re: Players With A Career-High In Their Last Season

    Sandy Koufax - 27 wins, 1.73 ERA
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