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    New York City FC

    Surprised there wasn't already a topic for NYCFC.

    They're top of the Eastern Conference with about two months left in the MLS regular season.

    If you haven't gone to a game yet, they're one of the best sports fan experiences in NYC -- Yankee Stadium gets really loud for them; their games are a lot of fun. Highly recommended if you haven't given it a shot. Probably comparable to Rangers games in terms of how much fun the games are to attend, and tickets are very affordable.

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    Re: New York City FC

    I'm a Red Bulls fan who roots against New York City FC. The Red Bulls are one of five MLS clubs in the 2016-2017 CONCACAF Champions League.

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    Re: New York City FC

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    Re: New York City FC

    Orlando City 4 life ya'll.
    Disco Stu:
    Nick Swisher has agreed to a $56 mil, 4 year contract with the Cleveland Indians. Good riddance!!!

    .268/.367/.483 .850 during his four years here. Can we get rid of you instead?

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