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    Re: Lets go Rangers! 2016-2017

    Quote Originally Posted by GordonGecko View Post

    He needs to quickly learn to shut his mouth playing here or it's going to get really ugly. He's a major and vocal Trump supporter and has a history of calling his teammates gay slurs during games. Really immature but has a ton of upside. Worried about him but has a ton of potential
    He's from NJ so maybe playing on Broadway has been his lifelong dream?

    I'm a little down on the trade. Not happy to lose Stepan's production even though they needed D help. No clue about the draft either. Is this a good year where we can get league ready talent at 7?

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    Re: Lets go Rangers! 2016-2017

    DeAngelo grew up a Flyers fan.

    Count me in as someone who isn't to thrilled with this trade. I think Stepan needed to go, I just don't think they got enough in return.

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    Re: Lets go Rangers! 2016-2017

    This was a $26 Million dump with adding defensive potential and a high pick. Gotta find that next 1C

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    Re: Lets go Rangers! 2016-2017

    I used to be balls deep in these drafts but its been a while since I've had the time to watch games outside of the Rangers.

    I think they probably look for his future replacement with the pick that they got today, better start reading up on who is available!

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