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    Re: Another day, another mass shooting in America

    Quote Originally Posted by jlw1980 View Post
    Wow, they... did something right?
    It looks that way. Apparently done with National Russian Association blessing. They preferred a DOJ ruling limited to bump stocks as opposed to and congressional action that might have expanded beyond bump stocks.
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    Re: Another day, another mass shooting in America

    Tropical Trump Watch

    Brazil is the classic case of a country with extreme gun violence coupled with very strict rules limiting legal gun ownership. Bolsonaro has just changed that.


    an. 15, 2019

    SÃO PAULO, Brazil — President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil signed a decree on Tuesday making it easier to buy guns and signaling he will follow through on his campaign promise to tackle the country’s epidemic of violence by arming the “good guys” and crushing violent drug gangs.

    Mr. Bolsonaro was sworn in on Jan. 1 after a decisive electoral victory last year that was bolstered by his vows to combat crime with an iron fist and reduce Brazil’s record-high murder rate. Simulating guns with his fingers at campaign rallies, he pledged to make it easier for the police to shoot suspects and to relax the country’s restrictive firearms law.

    Two weeks into his term, he took what he called a “first step” to those ends, to be followed by further congressional measures.

    “I signed this decree, created by many upstanding people, so that at this first moment, upstanding citizens can have peace inside their homes,” Mr. Bolsonaro said at a signing ceremony in the capital, Brasília.
    This will be watched closely around the world. Is this going to be gasoline on the gun violence fire, or will arming the good guys make a positive difference?
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    Re: Another day, another mass shooting in America

    Five dead in mass shooting in Louisiana. Another white male. Build the wall, indeed.



    NEW ORLEANS - Authorities in Louisiana say a shooting has left five people dead in two parishes. A suspect was at large and was being sought.

    Officials say the Saturday morning shootings happened in Ascension and Livingston parishes, about 70 miles west of New Orleans.

    Livingston Parish Sheriff Jason Ard confirmed on Facebook that three deaths happened in his parish on Saturday. The victims were identified as Billy Ernest, Tanner Ernest, and Summer Ernest.

    Separately on Facebook, the Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office said two people were shot to death in the city of Gonzalez. The victims were identified as Elizabeth and Keith Theriot, both 51. Their 21-year-old son, Dakota, was being sought by authorities and was wanted on first-degree murder and other charges.
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    Re: Another day, another mass shooting in America

    Qasim Rashid, Esq. Verified account @MuslimIQ

    Last 3 Days:
    •White man kills 5 women in FL
    •White man kills 5 ppl in LA
    •White man caught w/plans to mass murder women
    •2 White Men plead guilty to bombing a Mosque & plans to bomb abortion clinic

    WH: Give us $7B to stop foreign Brown terrorists🤔

    And lest someone "not all White men" me—understand the point

    If Muslims/Immigrants/Mexicans/Black men had committed 2 mass shootings causing 5 deaths each, bombed a church/synagogue, & planned a mass attack—the WH would make it headline news.

    But b/c its all white men—SILENCE.
    Someone reminded me that in addition to what I mentioned above, 3 white men were caught trying to mass murder American Muslims in upstate New York.

    What wall would've stopped them?
    Where were they radicalized?
    Why is the WH silent?

    Why isn't MSM asking?

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    Re: Another day, another mass shooting in America

    It's Valentines Day.........time for another lockdown for an active shooter in Aurora, Illinois.
    Developing story.......
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    Re: Another day, another mass shooting in America

    Oh yeah...I forgot.

    Thoughts and Prayers
    The presidency doesn't change who you are. It reveals who you are. First Lady Michelle Obama (2015)

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    Re: Another day, another mass shooting in America

    Quote Originally Posted by BRenninger View Post
    Oh yeah...I forgot.

    Thoughts and Prayers
    Trump is praying the shooter came over the southern border illegally so he can tweet about it all night and talk about it on Fox all day tomorrow. If not, it’s nothing he wants to talk about.
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    Re: Another day, another mass shooting in America

    Martin was not supposed to own a gun because of a 1995 aggravated assault conviction in Mississippi, she said.

    But he obtained one in Illinois in 2014. In January of that year, he applied for a firearms owner identification card, she said.

    In March 2014, he applied to buy a gun from a dealer in Aurora. After a waiting period and passing a background check that did not involve fingerprinting, he bought the gun, she said.

    Later that month, he applied for a concealed carry permit, and a fingerprint check led authorities to discover the Mississippi conviction, Ziman said.

    The permit was rejected, and Illinois State Police sent him a letter demanding he voluntarily surrender the weapon, but he did not, the chief said. Investigators are trying to determine why he didn't surrender the weapon and whether law enforcement followed up with him to confiscate the gun.

    "He was not supposed to be in possession of a firearm," Ziman said.
    re: Aurora shooter

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