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Thread: Nancy Newman

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    Re: Nancy Newman

    Quote Originally Posted by Sparky View Post
    Maybe the Canadian linkage previously mentioned?
    Do Canadians substitute e's for a's because that's what Newman does:
    "Coming to you live from Tempa."
    "Welcome to Yenkees' Megazine."
    It drives me crazy.

    The pre-game on Monday night after the Yankees' acquisition of Ichiro was close to unwatchable. I felt embarrassed for her. Thank heavens that Jack Curry shared the desk that night to rein her in.

    I like Chris Shearn and wish they'd use him more often when Lorenz is not working.

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    Re: Nancy Newman

    Quote Originally Posted by fredgmuggs View Post
    I just watch the game (generally on mute). All the pre-game, post-game, between innings updates, and whatever that amazon woman's name is who replaced Kim Jones and her in-game Michael Kay banter moment, "stuff" is wasted on me.
    i love when she's interviewing some of the guys and they are looking up at her.

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    Re: Nancy Newman

    Quote Originally Posted by -tz View Post
    I have nothing against her personal appearance, or her choice of adornments to enhance it. It's her voice I can't stand, and something about her mannerisms on camera. She sort of wiggles while she speaks. And she always kind of drones on, no matter what's happened during the game, as if she were talking about a garden party, or a round of bridge.
    I don't think she's bad looking either. She looks like she's in shape, has a nice figure, may not be a super show stopper but good looking enough. I'm not going to attack her looks just because I don't like the way she talks.

    And as far as her fashion choices regarding clothing and accessories, I know she's in NY and maybe those are the latest "edgy" things going around, maybe I'm the one out of touch in that department, who knows. I'm not very fond of some of her choices but hey what are you going to do.

    I think her biggest problem is that when she's talking it looks as though she's trying to do so while intentionally trying not move a single muscle in her face, almost like a bad ventriloquist. Not sure why, and considering she has a degree in journalism, you would think she would've been educated on how not to appear like that. Wonder if it's a bad habit she developed after her schooling. The problem with her speaking without moving her face that way is that you almost can't help but sound very dull and monotone. If you try to add some feeling and enthusiasm to what your saying, you can't help but use the muscles in your face, and for some reason it seems like she's making a deliberate effort to use as few as she can when talking. I don't remember watching her in her earlier jobs. Was she always like that?
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    Re: Nancy Newman

    I'm not going to comment much on Newman's looks, but she is an attractive woman and looks good for her age as she is probably pushing 50.

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    Re: Nancy Newman

    Quote Originally Posted by 4bronxbombers View Post
    I must be weird. I really don't mind any of them.....except a few but not enough to gripe about them......and I listen to them almost every day during the season.

    I agree, I even like Suzyn Waldman, which many here detest.

    Yogi is a National Treasure. Let's put him in a National Hall of Fame. The man has no peers.

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    Re: Nancy Newman

    Quote Originally Posted by Nome View Post
    I agree, I even like Suzyn Waldman, which many here detest.

    I like her too. I e-mailed her once. She got back to me right away and was very pleasant.

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    Re: Nancy Newman

    Quote Originally Posted by -tz View Post
    Is there anyone else who ranks her rock bottom among the so-called personalities of YES?

    I find her especially grating after a loss.
    I know this is a very old thread but has anyone ever noticed that the camera NEVER gets within 10 yards of her face when taping her show?? It is so ridiculous that she is on camera and you can't see what she looks like.

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