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    Quote Originally Posted by jlw1980 View Post
    Nice save.
    Itís easier when itís true.

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    Re: Longest Thread Ever 5.0

    My street flooded on Valentines Day. Actually, a lot of streets flooded around here. We got over 7 inches of rain in 24 hours, which also melted all of our snow, and turned our town into one big mess. I had to sandbag one entrance to my yard, which worked well, but once the flood control creek overflowed, all bets were off. One more inch of water at my unprotected back door, and I would have flooded. Water had risen about 7 inches at that entryway. Many of my neighbors had up to a foot of water in their homes. I had to go with the fire dept to rescue my elderly, disabled neighbor because the sand bags werent working anymore, and water was up to a foot on his exterior walls and front door. We had to tear down a part of my fence and basically break in through his back door. He stayed in my house until it was safe to go back to his. His carpet is wet, but otherwise okay. And when it was all over, there was just mud everywhere. My yard is full of mud and debris, and I will have to completely re-landscape my yard in the spring. My sprinkler system was ripped out, and the flood started to get into my garage, but had minimal damage. Disabled neighbor’s house had up to 8 inches of mud in his yard and walkway. I spent 5 hours yesterday shoveling all the mud out of his walkway and driveway so he could leave his house (he uses a walker and utilzes public transportation to get anywhere). I havent even started on my own yard yet, outside of hosing down my driveway so I can at least get in and out without having to drive through a few inches of mud. It started snowing yesterday evening and snowed lightly all night. I am glad, at least I wont have to look at the mess in my yard for a few days.

    I’m exhausted. And I got off easy. I feel bad for all the people on my street whose houses flooded. More snow forecast for most of the week, but we’ll take it. Just stop raining.

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    Re: Longest Thread Ever 5.0

    Youíre a good man, Casey, to take care of your neighbor first.

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