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I edit prices all the time and listings have not disappeared. Did they tell you there are any other parameters that cause the bug?

Are you listing on StubHub directly or via SkyBox?

Getting a credit for a future purchase is a painless way for StubHub to give you a credit.

1. I do, too. It never happened to me in the 10 or so years I have been using Stub Hub. One of the reasons why I didn't even think to contact them at the time.

2. Here is the quote from the chat transcript:
THEM: That's night have been where it all happened
ME: What caused the listing to disappear, and not show up either in sales or expired
THEM: when you tried to edit price
THEM: there is a known issue that when you try to edit price listing go to incomplete that is
when you should have contacted
THEM: I am really sorry about this
ME: So there is a bug in your software?
THEM: These are computer and there will be glitch here and there at times
THEM: but we working on it

So take that for what it's worth, grammar and all... I didn't edit anything except the names of the parties.

I list directly on StubHub from my Yankees Account Manager.