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    Re: The Former Yankee Performance Thread v4.0

    Quote Originally Posted by -tz View Post
    I thought you were going to say 240 pounds later!

    Impossible not to like the guy. Go Big Sexy! (Unless you're facing the Yankees, of course.)
    BR lists him at a cool 5'11, 285. So, he's probably pushing 300 lbs.

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    Re: The Former Yankee Performance Thread v4.0

    Chase Headley's ba up to .071!

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    Re: The Former Yankee Performance Thread v4.0


    Speaking with reporters, Wang said he was not able to get a contract in 2017 after pitching in a relief role for the Kansas City Royals in 2016 because he wasn't the same physically as he was a year earlier and he didn't have the same velocity on his pitches.

    "The most important thing now is to get my velocity back," he said.

    The fact that his role has been established has also limited his opportunities, Wang said.

    "Baseball organizations are not that willing to sign an older pitcher who is also a middle reliever," Wang said. "They prefer to call up their own pitchers."

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