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Post anything related to baseball. If it doesn't fit in the Yankees Discussion forum, it fits here.

  1. Sticky Thread Sticky: ATTENTION EVERYONE New Community Standards

    Big news - our revised Community Standards are finally online. Please access them on the footer of the page, towards the right-hand edge..... The main point of differentiation between NYYFans and most other sports forums is the sense of community that has been fostered here, since our site was founded many years ago. In order to maintain this atmosphere, we must hold posters to certain basic expectations when participating here..... To this end, we will be conducting a relaunch of our...

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  2. Sticky Thread Sticky: Message Boards for Other Teams: A List

    Since there have been a couple queries about message boards for other teams in the past couple days, I thought it might be useful to have some sort of list of good fan sites around the MLB. My goal is to have only two or three sites per team--it's not meant to include every forum out there. I also prefer to post forum sites over blogs, although if a blog has a game thread or is really, really good, I'll include it. Thanks for all the suggestions! Edit: Updated on 8/3/11-- New input...

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  3. Sticky Thread Sticky: NYYFans.com T-Shirts for Sale!

    Please see this thread for details: http://forums.nyyfans.com/showthread.php?p=5924926#post5924926. :)

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  4. Sticky Thread Sticky: NYYFans.com partners with The Ticket Network; Get your MLB tix right here at NYYF!

    The following announcement is specific for the Yankees, but tickets to all MLB games, in additon to all other sporting, concert, or show events are also available. Check out http://tickets.nyyfans.com to see if we have tickets to the event you're looking for. ----------------------------------------- So you want to see the Yankees, ay? Are you frustrated by the lack of quality seats available from the Yankees Box Office or Ticketmaster, don't want to take out a second mortgage to buy...

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  1. Interesting Baseball News Items That Do Not Warrant Their Own Thread

    People seem to like it in JC, so we'll see how this goes in here. We'll start with this. http://chron.com/disp/story.mpl/sports/3820301.html

    SoCal Pinstriper
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  2. The New York Mets Thread

    I decided to start a Mets thread because there have been a collection of smaller Mets threads in ATM and I think it would be best if we just had a larger thread to cover all things Mets. Two things about them strike me today... 1. Pelfry looked pretty good last night. 2. I have a feeling the Mets fans across the nation are beginning to sweat a little bit because right now the Braves are mashing. Ok. Go ahead, start discussing.

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  3. David Ortiz Shot in DR.

    Apparently just happened, crazy if this ................ is real. https://www.diariolibre.com/actualidad/sucesos/hieren-de-un-tiro-a-david-ortiz-en-la-venezuela-CA13029308

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  4. The Red Sox Thread

    Now that the Community Standards are back online, we can re-start a discussion of the Red Sox. As per those Standards, any posting in this thread must be done in a civil manner. That means a genuine discussion without baiting, trolling, flaming or mocking using words or pictures etc. That doesn't mean you can't state your opinions of a player or the team, but do it in a respectful manner. Repeated warnings for those who don't comply will result in the loss of access to the Around the Majors...

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  5. The Former Yankee Performance Thread v4.0

    2008...lets get the ball rolling. From Rotoworld today: The Pirates also signed BHKim...imagine being cut over that guy....

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  6. Hitting Statistics by Velocity

    http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/26757283/is-300-hitter-thing-past says: "Hitting, 2009 To 2019, By Velocity VELO BA OBP SLG K% BB% < 84 .230 .283 .370 25.7% 6.2% 84 to 86 .232 .281 .375 25.0% 5.8% 87 to 89 .265 .328 .428 17.5% 7.7% 90 to 92 .282 .357 .455 14.0% 9.6% 93 to 95 .265 .345 .417 18.3% 10.1% 96 to 98 .236 .314 .355 24.8% 9.5%

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  7. Winning Percentages and Openers

    Last year, teams went 33-33 when their starter pitched exactly 1 inning. Ten years earlier in 2008, teams went 3-10 (.231) when their starter pitched exactly 1 inning, which means it happened over five times as often in 2018 as in 2008. In addition, since many 1 inning starts in 2018 were not because the starter stunk, the winning percentage in those situations was over double in 2018 than in 2008. Ten years before that in 1998, teams went 2-14 (.125) when their starter pitched exactly 1...

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  8. Questions About WAR: Comparing Seasons and Points Within Each Season

    I have two questions about WAR: 1. A season has 1,000 WAR. Since there are 2,430 games, a replacement level team has a record of 1,430-3,430 (.294). However, if the amount of games changed, the amount of WAR or the winning percentage by a replacement level team would need to change. For example, 100 years ago in 1919, MLB had a record of 1,113-1,113-10 ties. Taking out the 10 ties and changing 1,000 wins to losses would give a replacement level team a record of 113-2,113 (.051). They...

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  9. Getting Hit By Pitches a Batter Swings At

    Cano was hit on the hand in the first inning and left, but it wasn't a hit by pitch because he swung. Lagares pinch-hit during the plate appearance and walked. Gary Cohen said that he thinks that when a batter is hit and then swings as a reaction to being hit, it should count as a hit by pitch, and he said that it happened another time this year. I agree. I think that a hit by pitch should end the play at that time, and if the batter didn't swing before then, it should be a hit by pitch. ...

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  10. Proposal For Fan Interference Called by Replays

    I think that if fan interference is called by a replay, it should never be called a catch if it required a jump. Neither Michael Kay nor David Cone brought up the possibility of a double, but that's what I think Gleyber Torres's ball should have been called. Ground rule doubles are normally called for balls that go off the field, but if a hit rolls into foul territory and a fan reaches over and picks it up, it is a ground rule double, and I think the same logic should apply to balls in the...

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  11. Rays Screw Fans By Taking Away Seats

    So most of you won't have any concerns about this, but since I live right near the Trop this hugely matters to me. I guess the Rays ownership was sick of seeing a half empty stadium all season, so they took away like 5000 seats in the outfield. But the result is when I look at tickets on stubhub even a game against Baltimore is about 30 bucks for the cheapest seat. Last year I could attend most games for 12 dollars or less by checking stubhub a few hours before the game. Maybe they will get...

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  12. Poll: Which southpaw will have the best 2019 (non-Kershaw division)?

    Patrick Corbin, Washington Nationals J.A. Happ, New York Yankees Dallas Keuchel, team to be determined Jon Lester, Chicago Cubs Steven Matz, New York Mets

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  13. Would a Runner Get Credit For Advancing in This Scenario?

    Let's say there are runners on first and third with one out. The batter flies out. The runner on third tries to score, gets in a rundown, and gets tagged out for the last out. Before the tag out, the runner from first got to second. Just like how a run counts if it was scored before the third out if it wasn't a forceout, shouldn't the trail runner get credit in the play-by-play for advancing? In my scenario, second base was unoccupied, so the trail runner could have advanced without the...

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  14. Baseball Lingo

    This is an edited list I'd compiled earlier, which includes a list from Dickson's Baseball Dictionary: Numbers "1-2-3 inning": Top or bottom half of an inning in which the first three (3) batters are retired in successive order, with no one getting on base. "12 to 6": A curveball which drops from very high to very low (from 12 o'clock to 6 o'clock position). Same as the "bottom fell out".

    Jersey Yankee
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  15. Rule Changes 2019-2020

    This just out - here are the highlights from Matt Collins' perspective. Thoughts? https://www.overthemonster.com/2019/3/14/18265213/mlb-rule-changes-home-run-derby-roster-size-september-trade-deadline Starting this year, the All-Star game voting will be changed to an Election Day style format. We discussed this not too long ago when it was first rumored, and I still pretty much have the same thoughts. Basically, its fine I guess. Their hope is that it will put their stars on a bigger...

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  16. The New CBA in 2022

    So the market is at a standstill. Free agency is broken. Arbitration eligibility needs to be reformed. Here's some thoughts: Create a deadline for signing free agents, maybe Christmas each year. Maximum contract terms become five years. This should incent both the clubs and the players to really negotiate faster and cut out all the low-balling, poker-playing and false news. Players should no longer be expecting the security they've become accustomed to - the clubs don't want long term...

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  17. Frank Robinson Passes Away at Age 83

    Frank Robinson, one of the greats from my youth as an Oriole, has passed away at the age of 83 years old. Orioles Hall Of Famer Frank Robinson Dies At 83 Sad news for the baseball world - MVPs in both leagues, Hall of Famer and manager. Rest In Peace, Frank.

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  18. I didn't know the Rangers were building a new stadium...

    http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/25893288/rangers-new-stadium-synthetic-turf-not-grass Wow...how did I miss that? Their current stadium was opened in 1994...

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  19. A Lot of Teams not Competing

    Let's see: In the AL it's Seattle, Texas, Anaheim, Detroit, Minnesota & KC. 40% of the league. In the NL there's Arizona, San Francisco, Pittsburgh & Miami, with several other teams not looking very likely to compete for postseason play. This is not good for the game, IMO - and I think it draws attention to not having a minimum payroll for each team, in order to create more competition in general. How in the world can a team be competitive with a $100M payroll?? Aren't these owners...

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  20. 2019 HoF Ballot

    https://www.baseball-reference.com/awards/hof_2019.shtml Returning with 50+% last year - Martinez, Mussina, Clemens, Bonds, Douchebag Top 5 newly eligible THE GOAT, Halladay, Pettitte, Berkman

    Yankee Tripper
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