View Full Version : rockhead da putz...

05-09-00, 09:24 AM
the idiot drops the ball and balks in the winning run last night...

check it out:


whatta moron... i've said it since last seas, and i'll repeat it again, this kid is DEFINITELY juicin'!!!! he can't even stand str8 anymore... i mean last seas, was just the charge out to the mound thing, but now, the guy's a wreck... constantly twitching, shaking like he's about to explode... he's so juiced, it's ridiculous... that's why he jsut came outta nowhere to be one of the premier closers in the game... mix in a lil dose of andro or whatever it is he's on and wa'la'...

I'm telling you, if they wanna restore the integrity of this game, ole buddy selig, parttime commish, fulltime owner's gotta challenge the player's association to take a satnd against roids... before we witness the first exploding rockhead...

05-09-00, 10:08 AM
lol @ "before we witness the first exploding rockhead..."


Auntie Emm
05-09-00, 10:22 AM
I've never liked Rocker; he always seemed fake. I agree with you, Ansky39- I think he must be using.