View Full Version : Game 7 -- Lord Stanley is ready to Party

06-09-01, 08:59 PM
After 1 -- Avs 1 - Devs 0

Who's it gonna be?

06-09-01, 09:28 PM
This isn't loking good.3-0 avs. NOOOOO!!!!

06-09-01, 10:06 PM
After 2 -- Avs 3 - Devs 1

I love this game!

06-09-01, 11:02 PM
1:31 remaining -- AVS - 3 -- Devs 1

The old man is gonna get his cup!

06-09-01, 11:10 PM
It's over. Sorry Devils fans.

Give the old man the Cup, he looks thirsty.:gulp:

06-09-01, 11:39 PM
What's really scary is that the Old Man is younger than I am!!!! Sorry Devils fans- you put up a good fight! Now next year, The Islanders:O :O

06-10-01, 01:25 AM
Rangers are winning the cup next year! That was a good Finals Series. Ray Bourque finally wins a cup!

Jim F.
06-10-01, 01:29 AM
Coming into this series, if not their potent offense, the Devils' main advantage was supposed to be their defense. That couldn't have been more wrong of a presumption.

The Avs were constantly in all the shooting lanes, making it tough for any decent shots to get on net. And if a shot did get through the mass of Avs players swarming in front of the goal, Patrick Roy was there as mighty as steel. The Devils couldn't get anything going offensively with the Avs playing so well on D.

It was a pleasure watching Roy play.

Screw Borque though :D.


06-10-01, 03:09 AM
Props to the Devils for coming so close to consecutive Cups.The Devils are a top notch and class organization who give their fans a glittering product year after year.

Are you paying attention,MSG?

06-11-01, 01:09 PM
Well, congrats to the Devils on a good series. I think the difference was goaltending and the power play. Roy was exceptional, while Broduer never really seemed to get into a groove. And the Devils power play wasn't nearly as effective as it needed to be. They seemed to have trouble setting up and getting good shots; as Jim said, the Avs did a good job cutting off the shooting lanes.
It was great seeing Patrick hoist the Cup one more time, and winning another Conn Smythe, too. This may be his last hurrah, as his skills have been eroding over the last few years. Colorado may not have enough money to resign him as Sakic will be and should be their first priority. I suppose returning as a free agent to a lousy Montreal team would be too much to ask for?
While next years Avs may not resemble this years edition, the Devils have an excellent team and I'm sure they will be on the short list of favorites to win the Cup for the next few years. Hopefully next year I'll be able to root for them. :)