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06-09-01, 12:42 AM
Well, later today is the Belmont Stakes. I can't wait! So far I've had fantastic luck betting the Triple Crown races. Time to announce my picks.

I'm sticking with Monarchos. Yeah, he threw in a clunker in the Preakness, but that can be forgiven. Belmont will probably suit him better, with its wide turns. The race's longer distance should favor him too. So I'm going to keep Monarchos to win, and Point Given to place, and AP Valentine to show. For my longshot, I'm going to throw a deuce on Thunder Blitz, because I have fond memories of his daddy, Holy Bull. :)

So, let's see if the Superunknown Triple Crown Express keeps on rolling!

Oh, and BTW, did you see Monarchos' jockey Jorge Chavez throwing out the first pitch before Thursday's game? And they had the Belmont bugler playing the National Anthem! Pretty kewl! I wonder if Sterling will ask Joe Torre about his picks for the race.

06-09-01, 11:06 PM
Well, things didn't work out exactly as I'd hoped. But Point Given ran a monster race. He is the real deal, that's for sure. He's so young, he can only get better. I will look forward to the late summer races, like the Haskell and the Travers, and the fall classics. It should be quite an interesting road to the Breeder's Cup!

I didn't get totally shut out. I boxed my 3 choices in a trifecta, so at least I got a little return on my investment. :)

So I managed to cash a ticket in each one of the Triple Crown races! That's a first for me. I'm going to take my winnings and head on down to the Jersey shore next weekend and see if I can continue the magic at Monmouth Racetrack. :D

06-10-01, 09:01 AM
Well, you had all three, just in the wrong order. I liked AP Valentine - I don't know why, I just had a feeling he'd do well at Belmont.

Did I tell you the exciting news - we are (hopefully - keep your fingers crossed the mortgage comes through) moving to a house right near Belmont? You will have to come over and go to the track with us sometime! :)

06-10-01, 02:31 PM
Wow, imagine living near a racetrack. If I lived near Monmouth or Belmont, I'd be there just about every day, LOL.

I will definitely keep my fingers crossed for you. It looks like a nice area to live. And if it should come to pass, a track day would be really cool. All you'd have to do is bet any horse other than the one I pick, and you'd win every time. :lol:

DW Fan
06-12-01, 10:46 AM
Super, not on the dark days. I was at the game when Chavez threw out the 1st pitch. He sure looked like a fidget standing next to Clemens.
My friend has some horses at Monmouth. I think Quiote's Hope ran last week. He also has a horse called Metrazur and a couple others. The trainer is Tricia Farrell and she is a distant cousin of Derek Jeter. I met her last year at the Meadowlands, really nice gal.
Good Luck! with your mortgage. You must be so excited. You can put one of those little valets out on your front yard. ;)

06-12-01, 09:17 PM
Thanks for the decorating idea, DW Fan! :lol:

I hadn't thought of taking the theme that far, but you never know. We have to go to the stone place to get a Blessed Mother, so who knows what we may pick up?!? ;)

DW Fan
06-12-01, 11:40 PM
Do you mean a Mary on the half shell. :)
I have just recently added a gazing globe to my garden. You look into them and see the reflection of the trees and the sky and the garden. When I was a kid I hated those usually red or green balls people had on their lawns. I didn't know what they were and thought they were sooo tacky! They're very vogue right now, and I appreciate the different view of my garden. Again good luck with the bank and starting a new home of your own. :)

06-13-01, 12:43 PM
Originally posted by DW Fan
Do you mean a Mary on the half shell. :)

LOLOLOL!!!! :lol:

I have seen the gazing globes and think they are pretty, unfortunately, most of the things that hold them up (at least in the garden center where I was) were these gruesome frogs or wizards. Nothing against frogs or wizards, but these were particularly unpleasant specimens of each! :lol:

What I have always wanted is either a wagon wheel or a wishing well. At one point I lived on a street called Wheelwright Lane, and I was lobbying hard for a wagon wheel then, thinking it was very appropriate, but I didn't get it. Maybe here...:)

06-13-01, 03:05 PM
Hey ally....
Good luck w/ the house, that would be spectacular!!
Those globes are nice, but why not just hang some Mets fans upside down, kinda like wind chimes..... God knows they're not busy this year.

(Then again, we don't have a whole lot to talk about either. But at least we're not THEM.):evil:

btw, I was rooting for Invisible Ink to come in the money. That story of the horse's eminent demise and subsequent recovery was just a miracle.

(who promises to drop by more often)