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06-08-01, 10:26 PM
Nice play by Iverson with a Laker in his face; Shaq pushes a couple Sixers out of the way and scores.....

Kobe Commercial

Kobe Commercial

Magic Commercial

Kobe Commercial

Iverson gets slapped in the face....yet again. Foul on Iverson.

Jackson calls timeout.

Kobe Commercial.

Kobe Commercial

The NBA is FANtastic!!!!!!

06-08-01, 10:40 PM
What the hell is up with this Weakest Link Bull................?

NBC, you're the effing Weakest Link!

OK, let's see some Jerry West commercials for a change. Maybe a trailer for Jack Nicholson's latest movie?

You ACTUALLY ROOT for these media whores, Russ? Yikes!!!! :)

06-09-01, 12:31 AM
Well George I was closer in my prediction that you were in yours. It's going to be a dogfight the whole way. My hat's off to Larry Brown, Allan Iverson and the 76'ers. They're a great team.

06-09-01, 01:12 AM
Yes you were Russ. :)

We might be witnessing a Classic.

Now, it's time for a commercial featuring Kobe!!! :lol:

06-09-01, 06:54 AM
george, in defense of my big bro russ (and the team of My City, even if it's not my team), i have to remind you that the lakers are a team of w/a history of greatness.
yes, these kobe commercials are completely annoying, and i do sometimes wonder how new fans are created, but you have to remember that this team has had some amazing players and coaches through the years. and kobe, for all his "creativity has to come from w/in" bull................, is still an awesome player.

these guys make the sport of basketball something very special to watch. they might be media whores, but that's only cuz people are willing to watch them.....


06-09-01, 01:55 PM
Hi jl. Hey I was just kidding around with Russ.

There was actually a time when I liked the Lakers. Jerry West used to be my favorite player. Him & Elgin & Wilt--that was one hell of a team.

Oh well, the series so far has been great. Come on Sixers! :)

06-09-01, 02:05 PM
n/p, it's all good. but in case you were serious, i just had to put up a little defense.

yea, the days of elgin, west and chamberlin were awesome. that was all LA talked about for years. before jerry west got really big he lived in my neighborhood. i went to kindergarten w/his son and actually played basketball in his driveway..... i doubt he'd let me try that now;).

you're right about this series, it's been awesome so far.

tomorrow night--go sixers!

:), jl

06-09-01, 02:27 PM
Kobe is a great player no doubt,but his commercials drive me insane.The one where he is waxing philosopical is just the worst.Kobe,just because you can put a friggin ball through a hoop doesn't mean you know anything about anything.

STFU,play ball,and stop that annoying chewing motion your mouth has anytime the camera is on you.I CAN"T STAND THAT!