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04-14-06, 08:33 AM
Derek still does.


04-14-06, 08:44 AM
Another story from a while back:


04-14-06, 09:04 AM
They interviewed Derek on Channel 4 last night about this. He was joking how he wanted to sit in the outfield stands with his glove on for the that game (where he got the hit record).

04-14-06, 12:17 PM
Thanks Wexy!

Jersey Yankee
04-14-06, 02:19 PM
Guess who's jealous?

For years, Maier avoided interviews about the incident, but he was a national story after it occurred. He was from Old Tappan, N.J., and the ticket to the game had been a present at his bar mitzvah, held a week earlier with a World Series theme.

"I didn't mean to do anything bad," Maier explained at the time. "I'm just a 12-year-old kid trying to catch a ball." But other fans were not so understanding. In a game at Williams College in Massachusetts in his sophomore year, he played center field. Fans threw snow and ice.

They were Red Sox (http://topics.nytimes.com/top/news/sports/baseball/majorleague/bostonredsox/index.html?inline=nyt-org) fans and, to them, Maier represented Yankee success. If Maier had not interfered with Jeter's fly ball, it might have been caught by Orioles right-fielder Tony Tarasco, and it certainly would have stayed in play. So the Williams fans pelted him.

"It got a little bit dangerous; it kind of crossed the line," Maier said. "I ran in. They stopped the game to remove the, quote-unquote, unruly fans. They knew who I was. That's sort of why they were doing it."

04-14-06, 08:43 PM
Guess who's jealous?

Why? This is Philadelphia Eagles fan-like behavior.

04-14-06, 08:51 PM
I saw a piece on this guy while watching ESPN. He plays for Wesleyan I think. Pretty good Div. III player.

04-14-06, 09:17 PM
It is sad the way some Red Sox fans have to behave. Every team probably has fans that go over the line but come on.

04-14-06, 10:05 PM
i heard a jeffery maier interview on espn news on my xm the other day.

04-15-06, 04:17 AM
Guess who's jealous?Wow...I grew up about fifteen minutes from Williams College. It doesn't sound like a Williams thing to do (especially since most of their students AREN'T from Mass.), so I imagine it was probably the locals. Pretty silly, though.

04-16-06, 02:01 PM
I saw this & was going to post it, but wasn't sure where, so I was side-tracked onto other things ... nice!

And I agree, this doesn't sound like Williams ... maybe some hard-core Red Sox fans were imported for the event.

04-16-06, 10:19 PM
I trust you are all aware that Williams counts among its alumni one George M. Steinbrenner III, class of '52?