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06-06-01, 05:33 PM
I am so excited about the men's French Open Semifinals. I don't care about the women's because there are no exciting matches. But the men's semis are gonna have some of the best matches ever.

My man (1) Gustavo Kuerten takes on (4) Juan Carlos Ferrero. This match is gonna be awesome, because both dominate on clay and all their matches have gone to five sets. There is no margin for error in this match.

My Pick: Why Kuerten of course... but it won't be easy.

The other match... (10) Sebastian Grosjean vs (13) Alex Corretja. Oh man this one is gonna be a doozie. Neither have played each other before but both are awesome on clay. Look for this to go to five sets also.

My Pick: It's really too close to call. I want Grosjean to win, but in a way I think Corretja's dominant ways and his experience on clay will pay off. On the other hand, Grosjean has been known to beat some really great players on their "specialty" surfaces.

If my picks make it DO win: I think Gustavo would beat Grosjean on clay in four sets. Guga is too good on clay for Grosjean.

If Ferrero makes it versus Grosjean: Once again, Ferrero over Grosjean. Too good to be beat by Grosjean.

If it's Guga and Alex: it would go to five sets and be too close to call. Same as if it was Ferrero and Corretja.

Make sure to watch... and believe me... you will enjoy.

Jim F.
06-06-01, 06:58 PM
Agassi got pimped.