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03-30-06, 05:58 AM
Thought I could borrow an idea from JC where the "Movies That Don't Deserve..." is working nicely. Seems like every other day some so-called journalist feels the need to Yankee bash.

We can start with this finely tuned piece of garbage from on Ethan Trex (who?). Sure, there are some truths buried amongst the whining and bitching but that is how these puny writers justify the venom that they feel compelled to spew on a regular basis. That is how they can claim to be fair and unbiased. Whatever loser boys. Jealousy is not pretty. So don't forget that whereas the Yankees may stake claim to being the most hated team in baseball, they can also stake claim to being the most loved.


For all of these reasons, I'm happy the Yankees are once again the preseason favorites to win the AL even though the combined age of their rotation is somewhere north of 400. I want them to keep on spending like there's no tomorrow. I want them to keep sending their most promising prospects to other teams for two-month rentals to try to win pennants. Most important, I want to keep laughing and laughing when they lose in October.

03-30-06, 06:23 AM
Articles like this make me long for the day when gentleman settled disputes at twenty paces.

03-30-06, 08:23 AM
Hey, it's humor ... don't take it so seriously. ;)

And he does say ...
For fans of every other team, the Yanks are the perfect foil: they're rich, they're cocky and they're extremely good.

03-30-06, 09:16 AM
Didn't you just give an article that didnt deserve a thread a thread? Or am I missing someting?

03-30-06, 11:24 AM
Didn't you just give an article that didnt deserve a thread a thread? Or am I missing someting?:lol: You're right. How about this one?


A glossy booklet aptly titled "Pride, Power, Pinstripes" came in the mail.

In excruciating detail, it listed the various costs of attending New York Yankee home games. The top nine "full-season ticket license plans" for the best seats in the joint ranged from $4,050 to $8,910 and those seats were already sold out. No doubt, most of those tickets were bought in bulk by corporate tycoons. This may say something about the ever-widening gap between the rich and everyone else in America.

After all, when you're the wealthy Yankees and your fan base includes SUV-driving hedge fund managers from Connecticut, it should be politically easy to carve up recreational acreage in the South Bronx. The average working citizen there earns less money in a year than Derek Jeter makes in a 10-game home stand.

03-30-06, 11:42 AM
Look, we know by now that they are out to make the Yankees look bad. It would be less effective if we just ignored this type of thing. I'm sure this Ethan Trex guy gets evaluated by how many "hits" his article gets online. The more Yankee fans that click on the link in this thread out of curiosity, the better this guy looks. This will cause him to keep writing this garbage. Just ask Lupica. Our silence and disinterest will at least out a dent in anti-Yankee articles.

03-30-06, 07:14 PM
Oh no! The Yankees were just dissed in a humorless "humor" piece by a guy that makes Napoleon Dynamite look tough. With that name and his looks, it must have been a rough childhood for little Ethan Trex. I can't be mad at him. I pity him and wonder how he survived high school.

He also writes for other nerd-centric sites like collegehumor.com and predictably has his own blog. SI.com is hiring pretty much anyone with a computer to write for their site these days. It is much cheaper than paying actual sports journalists for their opinions.

03-31-06, 07:17 AM
I really enjoyed this article on Rivera, as Nieves says in the article he's a better human being than he is a pitcher.

Beyond the burden of finishing the tightest of games, and moving the Yankees toward another October, Rivera believes he has a greater responsibility. "As long as I can help somebody, I'll be happy," Rivera said.

Every Saturday afternoon during spring training, Rivera invited a handful of young, Latin teammates to his home. As they sampled the fantastic dishes made by his wife, Clara, the Yankees' closer led discussions about baseball, life in New York and the Bible.

"We talk a little about everything," said catcher Wil Nieves, who was amazed when the closer he'd watched on TV for years introduced himself at last year's camp. "I think he's a better human being than he is a pitcher." ...

From the locker next to Rivera's at Legends Field, Octavio Dotel -- rehabbing form Tommy John surgery -- constantly hears the same themes about working and fighting.

And once the season begins, "I know he's going to be all over me," Dotel said.

"He's been all over me already, talking about how to handle the pressure of pitching in New York."

Early during last year's rookie season for Robinson Cano, when he made a handful of errors and was accused of showboating, Rivera would quietly seek out the second baseman.

"Let people talk," Rivera said, according to Cano. "The next day, you forget it."

But with the soothing talk, Rivera never paints over reality. "He's always on me to stay out of trouble," Cano said.