View Full Version : Keyshawn At It Again

06-03-01, 09:13 PM
Three guarantees: Death, taxes, and Keyshawn being a jackass.


Keyshawn Johnson has not mellowed much. He's still a guy who is going to do and say things his own way. The St. Petersburg Times reported that Tampa Bay coaches were disappointed in Keyshawn for skipping workouts.

"I've got kids out here, and I've got a business," Johnson told the Times. "I don't care about missing one or two workouts. I'm going to miss more days. I fly every week, and I pay my own damn money to be there. I've been doing it the whole off-season. They'd better go on with that. I train in California. It's something I've always done. I'm not going to have none of that.

"I'm not the normal professional athlete. I never will be. My off-season is important to me. I am going to be there as much as I can and when I can. If it's not enough for you, then make the workouts mandatory and fine me. I heard the same thing in New York. But I'm putting in different work than most players."

06-04-01, 07:56 AM
Warren Sapp ought to kick his Ass!