View Full Version : Victor Conte/Bonds trainer going to jail

10-18-05, 04:04 PM

SAN FRANCISCO -- Victor Conte was sentenced to eight months Tuesday as part of a plea deal for his role as mastermind behind a scheme to provide professional athletes with undetectable performance-enhancing drugs.

Greg Anderson, Barry Bonds' trainer, was sentenced to six months after pleading guilty to money laundering and a steroid distribution charge. He must spend three months behind bars and three months in home confinement.

10-18-05, 04:14 PM
Home confinement, how awful

10-18-05, 04:23 PM
Gee......home confinement. What a terrible punishment. I wonder how he'll ever survive........

10-18-05, 04:25 PM
LOL! After all that hoopla, these guys get a slap on the wrist. Where is all the outrage?

10-18-05, 07:27 PM
they'll most likely be spending their time in a white-collar penitentiary